How do we skillfully navigate the emotions or jealousy that arise when our partner has a friend of the opposite sex? What do we do if we feel that our partner might have “more than friendship feelings” for this person?

In this video we explore a topic submitted by one of our viewers. She is having a difficult time trusting her partner as he spends more and more time with a female co-worker. We really appreciate her for sharing this topic with us.

In our experience, the fears around “another woman” (or “another man”) can be delicate territory – meaning that, if we buy into our fears we literally can get swept away into addictive and adrenalized “mind stories” around what is happening or what could happen. These “mind stories” can dangerously captivate us and end up using so much energy. Yet, at the same time, what if our fears are a deep intuition that something is actually going on? How do we make this discernment?

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– Juna & Justin Milano

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