Do you ever find that the most simple relationship tools are actually the most profound ones? Why is it that we often dismiss these tools just because they are so easy?

Given our physical distance from one another, Justin and I are cultivating a whole new relationship with Presence. Because he is in Bali, we are not seeing each other in the regular ole’ day to day, and instead end up only having a few hours each day where we have the opportunity to talk on the phone (we actually use WhatsAp – it is amazing and free). Because of this limited time, what we have noticed is that we are both incredibly present with one another. This “presence” is so satiating and fulfilling!

In this video we explore presence. In our experience, presence is not only giving one another our attention, but it is also how we give this attention. When we are in presence, we are listening, curious, open-hearted, and compassionate. What we are curious about is how difficult it can feel to gift each other this presence when we are in the busyness of living day to day with one another?

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Sending you all our love,
Juna & Justin Milano

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