When you and your partner have taken extensive time apart, what changes began to emerge in yourself and your relationship? Did you have new perspectives or clarity about certain aspects of your partnership? In the absence of your partner, did you develop a greater appreciation for each other?

Justin is halfway around the world in Bali right now and we have been apart for 2 & 1/2 weeks – the longest we have ever been separated.

Lets be honest Juna, the first week was tough. It felt like someone cut off one of my limbs and trekked it to Bali without my consent. 🙂 But after that first week of shock (and some core wounds getting triggered), I started to absorb the gifts of this time apart.

Over the last several weeks we both have noticed some powerful changes in ourselves and our relationship. The most undeniable being: greater appreciation for one another. It amazes us how physical distance caters to missing one another, and as a result, appreciating one another in deeper and more meaningful ways.

The other thing that has emerged is greater clarity about reactive and unhealthy ways we were showing up in relationship with one another. It fascinates us how physical distance supports us in seeing clearly and gaining perspectives that can be so hard to see when in the day to day with one another. I am starting to think that taking some extensive time apart each year has many benefits.

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Sending you all our love…

– Juna & Justin Milano

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