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The 10 Relationship Agreements: Build the foundation for a thriving partnership

Why do some relationships thrive and others suffer? The answer is simpler than you may think. Relationships that thrive have a strong foundational set of agreements. In this 10 video self-paced program Justin and Juna Milano will walk singles and couples through the 10 most essential agreements to a thriving partnership. By the end of this program you will master what the 10 key relationship agreements are and how to apply them in your daily relationships. Plus you will discover your own agreements that propel you toward the relationship of your dreams.


Who should take this course?

Singles & Couples!

If you are a single who has had challenging, unfulfilling, or even unhealthy relationships in the past, this is an opportunity for you to learn essential tools to bring to your next relationship. By getting grounded in the core ingredients for a healthy relationship, you will undoubtedly attract the partner of your dreams and have the skills necessary to take your relationship to the next level. Plus you will be able to see the miracles that occur for other couples when they integrate these agreements into their relationship.

If you are a couple that is recycling the same issues and challenges over and over again, this is an excellent opportunity to create a new set of foundational agreements that will allow you to navigate issues and challenges with ease. The result is you will spend more time connecting, creating, and enjoying your relationship. By plugging these agreements into your relationship, you will create a solid foundation that will allow you and your relationship to expand into its greatest potential and purpose.


The Program – What’s Included

Self-Learning Tools

~ 10 Powerful Videos on each of 10 Relationship Agreements. Each videos is about 25-40 minutes in length, with a total of 6 hours of content. In each of the videos you will learn the benefits of one of the 10 Agreements, how to implement the agreement in your relationship, and areas where you might get stuck. In addition, Justin and Juna share honestly, vulnerably, and authentically from experiences in their own relationship. This is a self-paced E-Course, giving you the opportunity to watch and re-watch these videos at any time. We do suggest you take about 10 weeks to complete the course, letting yourself digest one agreement per week.

~ Potent downloadable exercises, worksheets, and articles that you receive with each one of the agreements. Several of the agreements also come with downloadable mindfulness audios and meditations to take you deeper into the agreement.

~ The 10 Relationship Agreements Topics include: Authenticity,  Emotional Intelligence,  Commitment,  Money & Abundance,  Sex & Intimacy,  Growing & Learning,  Emotional Literacy,  Making Friends with Fear,  Creativity & Purpose,  Healthy Space & Together Time, Spiritual Fulfillment.

~ A Secret Bonus Video: Agreement #11.

~ Once you join the 10 Agreements E-Course, we will invite you to our 10 Agreements Facebook community where you can share deeply, ask questions, and receive support from other participants, including Juna and Justin.



~ $69.99 includes 10 self-paced videos (over 6 hours of content), with powerful articles, exercises and audios.

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Course Testimonials:

~ “Juna and Justin shared so openly and honestly about the agreements they’ve chosen, which made each one feel relevant and applicable rather than abstract. Each video focused on a specific agreement and on how they apply it in real life. As someone who often resists structure and rules, I came to truly appreciate the container that clear agreements provide. One of my agreements is that I can change my mind if I outgrow an agreement! I’ve taken many trainings, both virtual and in person and this was one of the best.”   ~ Lisa R., Life & Love Coach

~ “Juna and Justin are so raw, vulnerable, and honest in the way they coach and teach. This is a REALLY great e-course and an important one, especially for couples deciding if they have the matching components to make it in the long haul. This course should be required before considering getting serious with anyone! Congrats Juna and Justin! What an accomplishment.”  ~ Monica L.

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