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Inspired, heartfelt and insightful support for anyone on the conscious relationship journey.

Jeff Brown, Author, 'An Uncommon Bond'

By allowing us to witness them in process, Juna and Justin are showing us how to apply various tools to our relationships to create deeply satisfying intimacy. Where Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks write and train based upon the insights and tools they harvested from the early days of their relationship, Juna and Justin are plowing, sowing, and growing before our eyes. I feel inspired and moved by their vulnerable sharing as they model maintaining love, respect, compassion, and feisty playfulness with their own and each other’s humanity in the midst of challenges. I have followed their progress for over 2 years and look forward to each new video they release, knowing that I will learn from their wisdom

Laura Zuke, Oregon

I am writing to express my utmost gratitude. As of today I’ve watched all of your 70 something videos after learning about you only about a month ago. WOW! I am blown away by how much juicy wisdom and processing you’ve shared in the videos and the rawness of your relationship. Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for sharing your truth. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for your articulation and wondering. I feel so inspired. I feel motivated. Thank you for being an example of what realtime conscious partnership looks like. I’ve already begun to see shifts and use new tools in my relationship and I am so excited to continue this process of learning and growing and expanding!

One thing recently that really struck me was the question “How would you most like to be supported right now?” What a powerful thing to wonder about. I look forward to more.

Casey Shaw, USA

I just discovered your site and find what you’re doing ballsy and powerful and sweet.

Paul Boynton, Author of, “Begin with Yes”

Hello, I’m fairly new to your wall, only visiting it on and off over the last year but I keep coming back to the impeccable space that you two are holding. I really love how gently your holding, it seems, and especially moved by your last two sexuality posts, I feel I want to step up and send support for the delicate grounded heart full way you are exploring, it talks to me more the way you present rather than a razzmatazz type presentation. Our hearts are gentle places and it’s easier to hear and integrate from you two than anything else I’ve seen.

Becky Stanley, United Kingdom

I love your videos. I have watched all of them! I found them about a month ago and have already juicily experienced all of them with gratefulness and joy as each one unfolds!!! You two have been a major key role in my newly re-emerging openness to explore the possibility of having a profound, deeply conscious, authentic, vulnerable, mutually respectful, healing relationship/partnership. It takes a lot of courage and I am ready to embark on this journey.Thank you Juna and Justin. I have deep love and appreciation and respect for you guys. Thank you for sharing so courageously!.

Xian, USA

My partner and I so enjoy your videos and have benefited from discussing the topics as they apply to our relationship. It invites us to examine more closely where we may be coming from unconscious patterning, and see where there might be room for expanding into greater freedom, conscious choice, authentic expression, alignment with our truth and with our hearts, and vitality (there’s always room!). It also helps us recognize and appreciate the aspects of our relationship that really do feel in line with these.

Your videos are encouraging and inspiring, and we give you serious props for making such personal content public! It’s great that a resource like your blog exists!

A. C., USA

I was in tears while watching your latest video! It is, indeed, a Wonderful Service you did, sharing on camera, such a crucial part of relating with our spouses; acknowledging & sincerely apologizing for our ‘less than perfect’ reactive behavior. This video directly spurred me on to immediately apologize to my dear husband (Ed) for a similar situation that happened to us last week. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We’ve been watching & following you since you began your video blog and are always So Inspired by them. Please keep up the Great Work!!!!

Juna dear, even though you don’t ‘know’ us, Both of YOU are very much a part of our lives and we’re always look forward to finding out more about you each week!! Thank You Very Much for so courageously sharing your vulnerabilities openly & honestly with the whole world

Sending much love to you from Tasmania,

Nes & Ed, Tasmania, Australia

Thanks again for your inspiring work with this blog. It has inspired so many of the people I’ve shared it with as well. I had heard of the Hendricks Institute work for a while now in my work as a therapist but hadn’t read their books or taken a course. Your videos not only nudged me towards exploring their amazing work more, but also set a hopeful example that love like yours is possible! I see so few role models around me in terms of the conscious, loving relationship that so many of us want, so thanks again to both of you for putting yourselves out there like this.

Liane Baskin, USA

I love your videos Juna and Justin! I love the Hendricks too, they spoke at my Radical Authenticity Telesummit. It’s great the way you are able to share your relationship growth with us, it is so inspiring to me. I look forward to more and getting to know you better!

Monika Hoyt, LCSW

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"Inspired, heartfelt and insightful support for anyone on the conscious relationship journey."
-Jeff Brown

Join our community of intrepid relationship explorers and get our free Drama Triangle E-Course on how to eliminate drama and disconnection in your relationship.

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