The Drama Triangle E-Course: Shifting Out of Drama

& Into Deeper Connection & Intimacy


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~ Do you want to create a thriving relationship with your partner?
~ Do you want to learn simple tools to eliminate relationship drama and challenges?
~ Do you crave deeper intimacy and connection but don’t know how to create it?


The Drama Triangle is one of the most valuable tools to determine whether you are in a state of reactivity and drama, or in a state of presence. Out of all the tools we have ever learned, understanding the Drama Triangle is one of the most profound means to creating a deeply loving, conscious, and drama-free relationship. Justin and Juna are super excited to share this free E-Course with you because these tools have been paramount to creating a truly sustainable, thriving relationship.


What You Get:

  • 10 FREE Videos full of powerful content and potent practices. Each of the 10 videos are about 4-10 minutes in length (a total of 80 minutes for the whole course).
  • A deep understanding of the 3 main archetypes on the drama triangle: Victim, Villain & Hero.
  • Awareness of when you are on the Drama Triangle and tools to shift off of it.
  • Mindfulness meditations to cultivate deeper presence and resources when issues arise.

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